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Once Upon A Time

  • In the Land of the Calm one  story handed down from generations and translated   was that of a young Monk. 

  •  When asked by the Abbot  one day, "Are you tuff ? The youth replied ,Yes! I have seen -and- done everything."

Being impressed, the Abbott then asked , 

" Have you children or served in  our  army ? The youth replied

 " No ! "

Now-a-days we know tuff is the guy who sleeps outside the Dojang (Gym)

so not to miss a minute practice. Or those who spends hours prepping for the Olympics ,which Taekwondo is part -while still making  school grades.

With affection , Korea is called "The Land of the Calm."

Morrow to story,

 Be tuff , but no one has seen  or done 

everything .

The TKD Fighter

  • Presented by R. Hedrick, Martial Arts Master & Company

Hedrick started as teen when Taekwondo was offered on his military base. Hedrick can be Googled , his schools  and Tournaments noted in The oldest Martial Arts Magazine-Black Belt. He impresses his  audience these days with his athleticism, public speaking and generous knowledge. The man who wrote the book,also stays busy fostering

his next screen play.


Amateur Aspirants

 We offer Private lessons and Tournament sessions in a fun relaxed manor.

We certify students in Weaponry from the Ryukyu Islands. We are featured on U-Tube. Once again noting, pleasing the audience and being generous of knowledge.


For those who do not have the budget or un-able to access a school  do not be intimidated. Martial Arts is more popular--. and private than given credit for.

So beef-up before attending or make the big jump in a smaller way with this affordable Home Study Guide:

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              TKD Fighter   Taekwondo for Teenagers & Up

 by R. Hedrick Gm,Tkd

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The Red Book is ordered at Amazon & Ebay Websites  Proceeds also benefit

Children's Hospital, Animal Shelters How cool is that ?

Our School is Different

Karate Classes



Be a shipmate:

Cruise our proven Healthy lifestyle


Do not  bring Alcohol,Tabacco or Drugs 

on board to  sink the ship

What else,

Rates $ 100 per session/Martial Arts Classes

For Pro Aspirants

Bench Press 400 lbs?

Taste  raw meat in the MMA Octogon

for The Great Show

Drop us a line!

TKD Fighter

3722 Brussell Terrace Indianapolis,In 46228 USA


High Kicks can Target worthy Causes

  • Generous donations will fund our charity mission
  • Cancer Society
  • Heart Association
  • Children's Hospital
  • Shelter Animals
  • Disabled Veterans
  • Many served when we fight together 

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